Curved Bow Bay Window Radiators

Curved Bow Window RadiatorCurved Bay Window Radiator

Our Curved radiators with smooth flowing lines fit Bow window bays perfectly.  The benefit of having a curved radiator is two-fold; Space saving and better efficiency!


If you have an ANGLED Bay please take a look at our ANGLED BAY Radiator page.

For Curved Radiators please read on!


The Bay window of a property, whether it is curved or angled is classed as 'dead space'. It is difficult to utilise this area of the room with furniture such as a sofa or cabinet etc. Furniture is normally placed next to flat walls to maximise the use of free space in the centre of the room.  This however means that if a radiator is fitted to one of the flat walls in the room and subsequently covered with furniture it has a detrimental affect on the efficiency of the radiator. The heating system has to be on for longer and harder to heat the room properly- wasting money and costing the environment- neither of which is acceptable.  The best way to get around this is to have a radiator in the bay- freeing up space and making the most of the valuable floor space in your room.

In years gone by the bay was the de-facto place to fit a radiator. However as time has gone on this wisdom has not always been followed and we come across a lot of customers, especially in London who have had a radiator in the bay originally but it has been moved to another straight wall in the room.  They now want to enjoy the benefits of having a radiator in the Curved or Angled bay and come to us to help.

We have supplied thousands of Curved Bay window radiators to happy customers over the years.  We make the whole process stress free.  Give us a call and our helpful team will be more than happy to talk you through the process, from deciding on the size of the radiator to arranging a suitable delivery date.

We can do single and double convector radiators in lengths up to 3000mm (10'). Prices start from only £250.  We can also deliver your new Curved Bay Radiator to almost anywhere in the UK.  We have weekly deliveries to London, Kent, Essex, The South East, Manchester, Leeds and other major towns and cities. You are of course welcome to collect your Curved radiator from us in Birmingham, West Midlands.

Curved Single Bow Bay window radiator


Curved Double Bow window radiator


If you would like a Single Panel Curved radiator, we just need three measurement for your bay as shown on the diagram below.  It really is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3! Either email us or ring us with the measurements and we will do the rest!Curved Radiator Bay Bow Window Measurements

We can also supply Double panel Convector Radiators.  If you would like a quote for these please call or email us.



Some bays are angled with 2 or more sides- If you would like an Angled Radiator we can also fabricate these.