Choosing a radiator or heated towel rail

Choosing a new radiator or heated towel rail can seem to be a daunting task. Our helpful hints below will guide you through the process!

Heating output
This is BY FAR the most important consideration when it comes to choosing your next radiator or heated towel rail. The primary requirement of a radiator is to heat the room quickly and efficiently. The heat output produced by the radiator or towel rail has to exceed the heat loss from the room though the windows, ceiling draughts, etc.  The larger the room the more powerful the radiator would need to be. We have some extremely powerful radiators for larger rooms such as our 4 Column radiators. In any case if you are not sure of the requirements for your room feel free to contact us and we will gladly calculate the heat loss and advise on suitable radiators.
How it looks
You obviously want one of our beautiful designs otherwise it would get a tad boring! Wether you'd like a traditional design designer radiator such as the Portland or Victoria. or have a more modern designer radiator such as the Trojan or Imperium or even the Monza. You can be assured that you will find all you need at ASAL UK Radiators.
The Finish and Colour
Our radiators and heated towel rails are available in a multitude of finishes and colours. From White radiators such as the Sofi to Black tall radiators such as thew Klon we have the full range. We even have Red radiators such as the Linear Red. We can even colour the radiator to whichever colour you like- to perfectly match your sofas, curtains, carpet or whatever else you like. Have a look at some of our past customers orders for the Vaaz in a dazzling array of bespoke colours.
Different Materials
Most Radiators are made of steel such as the Buckingham. We do also supply radiators made from more exquisite materials such as Stainless Steel and Brass such as the Genoa 2 Flat Rail. These materials offer excellent durability and a perfect for use on Open Type heating systems as well as the more widespread Closed Type Heating systems.